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Testimonials . 

 1. full name: Gail Farrell
comments: Love your aromatherapy shea butter!

2. fullname: Billy Stanley
comments: Todays date is February 09, 2013. I take my family on vacation every summer and we come to Florida. Turns out that we just didn't enjoy coming to Florida for it's parks and attractions, but for the shopping as well.During a shopping trip I discovered the best thing ever VER-E-NICE products. I am 41 years old and have been dealing with scalp acne from ingrown hairs since my teenage years. I ignored it for a while then I decided to get injections in my scalp as a form of treatment from a skin doctor when I was 25 years old.I still receive the shots, but not as much as I used to until I met MRS VER-E-NICE and I bought the aromatherapy tea tree shea butter and the 100 percent African black tea tree soap plus. My scalp acne has heald better in the last year than in the last 16 years.  This is an amazing product and I am a living witness to this. If only I would've known about African black soap and African shea butter a long time ago I would have saved plenty of money o!
n Dr visit and had more money to spend on VER-E-NICE products a real miracle worker. I am a user of these products and will continue to be. Will update in a few months 

3. fullname: lashekia stanley
comments: I am Mrs Stanley and my husband is Billy Stanley and we are user of VER-E-NICE products. I like to use th aromatherapy African Shea Butter peppermint. I deal with a my legs and feet swelling for no apparent reason and I usually rub them in rubbing alcohol. Since I have been using the aromatherapy Shea Butter peppermint I don't have this swelling problem as often anymore.I can go weeks without having a problem where as I used to rub down in alcohol everyday. It even relieves my head aches when I rub my temples with it. This is an awesome product that has worked miracles for me and my family. It worked so well I gave some to my mother in law who also deals with leg pain and swelling.  Now she moves around better than ever with no pain or swelling yay VER-E-NICE. 

4. fullname: Wideline joseph
comments: I have been use your products through a friend of mine who is always use your Shea butter ! She share with me and I really love the product I also would love to order one  for self .

5. fullname: Kim Bruns
comments: I spoke to you on the phone today about shipping a jar of shea to my friend in chicago.  I have used and love your product, I recommend it to everyone! Please give me a call. Thank you! kim Bruns

6. K  Briggs
comments: Love love love your Shea butter with almond oil !!!! Can't wait to try other scents

7. fullname: Barbara johnson
comments: Finally found guys!!! ;)looking for the shea butter peppermint bought it a year ago @ an event in downtown miami . I love the product works great from head to toe♡

8. fullname: Christina Beahan
comments: I started using this product about a year and a half ago. My son has eczema and extremely dry skin. The Shea butter 2x a day works wonders on his skin. Since then I have has another baby. My first 2 children suffered from baby acne and cradle cap. I have been using this Shea butter since birth and if he starts getting a little bit it is gone in a day! I love this product I use it on the whole household, my kids, my dog and myself. I will never go back to soap or lotion! 

10. fullname: Veronica Gomez Musa
comments: I will be placing an order for your unscented liquid black African soap with tea tree! Many thanks for your wonderful products and blessings to this amazing company! 

11. fullname: Jeanette Caldwell, Ft. Lauderdale
comments: I can't wait for my bottle of your amazing African Black Soap Plus in Frankincense-myrth scent to arrive. I wash my body from head to toe for a while now. My face is glowing, since it acts as a mild facial and removes all the impurities and dead cells as never been experienced before. My body feels soft and hydrated after the shower. Works also great on my fine hair as a shampoo. I absolutely love it and can't wait to incorporate the Shea Butter with it. Thank you for your excellent service. Thumbs up!

12. fullname: Virginia Roe
comments: Love your Shea Butter and found you at the West Palm Farm Market... Would like to have some shipped to NJ as we will not be back to Jupiter until November.  Want to order a large jar of the Almond Shea Butter.  Please let me know how to order. Thank you!

13. fullname: Carolyn Williams
comments: I found your Shea Butter in the Jupiter. Do you still have a booth at the green market on Friday night in Jupiter?  Where else can I find your products.  I want to buy more.

14. fullname: Dana Pezoldt
comments: Thank you so much for shipping my liquid black wash so quickly.  I ran out a month ago and my skin is a hot mess!  Thank you so much and come back to Miami-Dade County Gov't Ctr. soon!!!

15. fullname: Marisol
comments: I love your product! I'm so glad I found you online!

16. fullname: Phyllis Perry
comments: I enjoy my Shea butter and would like to purchase another jar.  I would prefer to mail my payment instead of using a credit card.  Please send me an address that I might mail my payment to.  Thank you

17. fullname: Suzanne Schoen
comments: Love the soap, and the Shea butter. 

18. fullname: Lauren Brigg
comments: Hi Vernice,
I saw you today at the Green Market in Palm Beach Gardens.  Wynn and I are so taken with you and love what you do and who you are.  It was so nice to see you again today.

Lots of hugs and encouragement to never give up what you do.  You bring joy and comfort to so many people.

Much appreciation 

Lauren Briggs

19. fullname: Barbara P
comments: I have been using the Black soap and the Frankincense and myrrh infused Shea butter for the past 8 weeks. Never has my eczema been so well controlled. I use it on my face and my friends and family tell me I "glow with the look of good health"! Thank you for making these wonderful products!!
20. fullname: Marnie Bond-Harrison
comments I need the African black soap.  I ran out of it.

Thank you,

21. fullname: Joyce Pagano
comments: We met you in VeroBeach Fl. I look for u every Sat.  However I just ordered the liquid black soap. Please come back to Vero in the winter

22. fullname: Kristin Conlon
comments: I just ordered the Holiday pack.  Is it possible to get a variety for the 4 2oz tubs?
Sweet Almond
If not, I understand.  My friend wanted to try them as I have been bragging about the product for a long time.  We were hoping to buy while in Florida on vacation but you are no longer at the flea market in Kissimmee.  I am a huge fan of your product.  I have used others but your product is 100% better than any other.

23. fullname: Kristin Conlon
comments: I just ordered the Holiday pack.  Is it possible to get a variety for the 4 2oz tubs?
Sweet Almond
If not, I understand.  My friend wanted to try them as I have been bragging about the product for a long time.  We were hoping to buy while in Florida on vacation but you are no longer at the flea market in Kissimmee.  I am a huge fan of your product.  I have used others but your product is 100% better than any other.

24. fullname: Dana Hielema
comments: I bought your product
100 African Shea butter in tequesta fl
I would like to order another jar

25. fullname: Ione Mozee
comments: Thank you so much. I have tried this product. and the liquid African Black soap also. My skin shows the benefits of using it. It's time to order again.

Thank you for such a Ver-e-nice product. 

26. fullname: Holly Hickman
comments: Thank you Vernice for always being there and making the BEST customized African Shea Butter around! Anytime I call you, you make the "blend" I need and get it to me quickly.
I am loving the whipped natural Shea Butter that is lighter in color. It is working wonderfully for me. 

Just as a special note: I bought this Shea Butter from your Palm Beach Gardens Green Market booth. It sounded like the Butter could do so much. Little did I know that it would get me off the prescription cortisone ointment I had used on my hands for 25 years to treat exema! I wish my Doctors had told me about this. What a wonderful and more healthy option!!!
Thank you for your great products.


Holly Hickman

27. fullname: Rhonda joseph
comments: Hello Vernice,
I met you at the Flea Market in Kissimee, Florida two Saturdays ago. My mother-in-law and I are from Trinidad and we tried your wonderful product. We went back to the Flea Market on the Monday after we purchased the product but you had already left (as you had told us). 
We are interested in purchasing more of the black soap. My face feels so smooth after using it. Thanks.

28. fullname: Jana Kelly
comments: You are funny and kind. You totally inspired me! Thank you and hope to meet you when you get back to FL.  
PS. And we love your soap!

29. fullname: Conny C.
comments: Hi!
Quick question: when will you be selling your products at the Englishtown Flea Market in NJ again? My friend bought some shea butter cream and soap from you about a month ago and she gave me a little sample of your cream and body wash and I am interested in them too. Please let me know. The winter is very harsh on our skin. Thank you.

30. fullname: Samantha Humphreys
comments: I bought some of your products today from mother earth sanctuary cafe and I just want you to know that I absolutely love my products! theyll make great gifts for my friends and family (and myself) (: thank you!!!

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